Is not about just posting your facebook photos as public.
It’s about making everything you know public,
to let everybody know how it all works on the inside,
to be able to view and find what you want to know of everything.

It’s not about security by hiding or restricting “unauthorized access”.
It’s about safety in the knowledge that anything that is worth hiding is also worth knowing.
to let the curious peers who could improve your knowledge,
to be able to create a better and more inclusive shared community.

It’s not about power by holding the keys to the kingdom.
Its about empowering the king and the knights and the farmers and the homeless.
to let those who need to know how to survive and those who want to strengthen everybody
to be able to have everybody be their own king of themselves and have the power by knowledge.

Make Everything Public is not about them, its about us.
To be able to do.
To let each other know.


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