#MakeEverythingPublic Is not about just posting your facebook photos as public. It’s about making everything you know public, to let everybody know how it all works on the inside, to be able to view and find what you want to know of everything. It’s not about security by hiding or restricting “unauthorized access”. It’s about […]

Hi! I plan to write a blog post comparing different game engines, what other game engines should I compare godot against? So far I know of Game Maker and Unity, but it seems neither are open source, so im not sure they are a good comparison. Thanks for any advise 🙂

(fiction) The space snail floated next to the sun, from the distance we could look at it without burning to a crisp it looked small, almost like a garden bug. In actual size it would span a few hundreds of kilometers in length. It also moved like a snail, crawling in the emptiness of space, […]

The lithium pirate stared at the screen blankly. She was not merely confused but also, completely out of her waters. She left out a drawn out annoyed sigh. So much time and money spent in upgrading her ship, the Acalchimaltica, and it was useless after the federation screwed her.

Mini Tutorial de personalización de themes en Word-Press 4.6

Asumiendo que tienes el wordpress instalado y configurado correctamente, se tiene que escoger e instalar un theme a tu gusto. En mi caso, yo elegí el theme “Handdrawn-lite”, hecho por por Alessandro Costa: WordPress desafortunadamente necesita ser “facil de usar” y eso implica “dificil de configurar ciertos detalles”! Señales de los tiempos. Ahora cada vez […]

Hello world!

Hi! I am Zaida, from México. My dream is to tell fantastic stories, and I do a bunch or art to support my habit. On this site I plan to upload most of my work, so you can see what I can do 🙂   Thank you!